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Rob Schafer
Hi. I’m Rob, the 5th generation owner of Schafer Leather Store. My goal, as owner, is to create a memorable shopping experience with great merchandise and fantastic service. Happy customers are repeat customers. We hope to see you again and again.
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Karen Briley – One of the things I love about my job is watching trends in both the western and fashion industries. It is fun to see how the styles coordinate and influence each other. As a result, we are constantly looking for new product lines. I have been working at Schafer’s for going on 24 years and no two days have been the same. We are so glad that you have found us on line and we look forward to shopping with you. It is our focus to bring you this unique shopping environment.
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history1Over a Hundred and Forty Years of Experience and Service in the Mid-Ohio Valley
Schafer Leather Store is the oldest family owned retail store in Marietta Ohio. Schafer’s has been owned and operated by five generations of the Schafer family. The store was started as a harness shop by brothers Adam and Louis Schafer in 1867. The brothers served in the civil war where they learned their trade of making harness and other leather goods. The business was located in a frame building at 140 Front Street.

In 1884 the building was taken out by a flood. Since flooding was common along the rivers before the Locks and Dam system was created to regulate the river, another building was erected to withstand flooding. It was built with a 6” taper on the floor to assist with water run out and was constructed with water resilient materials.

1st generationLouis Schafer became sole owner of the property and the business in 1895 and was assisted by his two sons Louis Peter and Frank. 2nd generationUpon Louis Schafer’s death, his son Louis Peter Schafer took over the business in 1925.

Robert Louis Schafer joined the business with his father in 1934. With the invention of tractors, automobiles and other factors of the time, the business was in trouble. It was then that the Schafer’s added a Tarp and Awning department.

3rd generationRobert Louis Schafer became sole owner in 1945. Shortly there after Schafer’s branched out with additional merchandise by adding luggage, trunks and handbags.

4th generationRobert Louis Schafer Jr. partnered with his father in 1957 and became sole owner in 1968. In 1975 he purchased 142 Front St. and expanded the product diversity of the store by adding western clothing and boots.

5th generation updateRobert Louis Schafer Jr.’s son, Robert Howard Schafer, had been working at the store since the 1960’s. He obtained the business in 1994 and is the current owner.

Business is about knowing your customers and their needs. Every generation of Schafer’s has seen the Marietta in a different light and has catered to the needs in those changing times. Schafer Leather Store has evolved into a diverse shop carrying everything from jewelry, handbags, luggage, and small leather goods to clothing, hats, gifts and boots. Who would have thought back in 1867 when the telegraph was the fastest form of communication that we would be communicating with television, cell phones and now facebook.

Before the locks and damn system was created to regulate the river, flooding was not uncommon. In fact flooding was expected during the spring and fall.

Major floods that have impacted the store….

1884 – Flood took out the original building
1913 – Crested 2’ on the second floor
1937 – Crested at the rafters of the first floor
1964 – Crested at 45’. Water lapped at the door knob.
2004 (Sept.) – River Crested at 44.97’ 30” of water in the store
2005 (Jan.) – 18” of water in the store





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